Getting Your First Job is Easier Than You Think

ghgktuktuIn the few years of my experience in the HR business, I found that there is a strange paradox in the segment of hiring and recruitment. While there are hoards of candidates desperate for an opening, the employers are equally in a hurry to find the best talent. Yet the tremendous gap remains. Millions of youngsters remain jobless, and many vacancies remain unfulfilled.

I have analysed that there are many reasons for this. One of the biggest issues is about ‘freshers’ – a term used to refer to individuals with zero work experience. Freshers often find it very difficult to find their first job as very less companies have the time and patience to groom and train. Most of the employers prefer to hire experienced candidates who can become productive within days of joining.

So what exactly is the solution? The key thing is to make freshers behave less like freshers. They need to change their mental makeup and adopt a certain confidence. It is this confidence that is the key parameter that employers are looking for. Quiet often, it is not lack of skills, but a certain

Employee Referrals From a Candidate’s Perspective

tjatjtjejteLanding a job in today’s job market is as much about the people you know as your skill set. Knowing the right people in the right organization can land you a job sooner than most other people. This is because organizations place a higher trust on candidates coming through employee referrals than applying through job sites or recruitment agencies. Infact employee referrals might be your best bet to get through to the interview stage. The trust factor runs high in case you are coming in through an employee referral as most organizations with successful employee referral programs tend to give priority to candidates applying through employee referrals.

While there has been a lot of discussion and debate on how organizations can engage with employees to run a more efficient and successful referral program, there has been little or no thought given to how the referral program can also motivate candidates to actively seek employee referrals as a way of boosting their chances of getting hired. It is only now that organizations have come to realize that externally publicizing the referral program to make potential candidates aware of the referral

Strategic Tips For Career Advancement

jyktultulThere may come a point in your profession when you already feel unchallenged with your current position. In order to stay motivated, you have to aim for constant growth through career advancement. Here are a few tips to help you move on to the next level:

Determine your current performance level.

Do not be afraid to approach your boss, team leader, or supervisor to ask them about their opinions regarding your current job performance. Ask them whether they are satisfied with your tasks of if they feel that you still have to work on a few aspects for improvement. This provides you with constructive criticisms regarding your current professional level.

Ask about your future in the company.

Another important conversation to have with your superiors is the one about your future in the company. Find out whether you can be offered with new positions and higher ranks if you meet their standards in time. Just see to it that you talk to them in a professional manner. Try to impart that your goal is to make yourself more competent in increasing your contributions to meeting the

7 Barriers To Effective Communication In Job Interviews

15When you attend a job interview one of the skills you will be judged on are your communication skills. When you’re concentrating on trying to give the best answers you can, coupled with any nerves you may have, you can forget about your communication skills and unconsciously create barriers in the way you communicate with the interviewer or panel.

Listed below are some of the communication barriers that candidates create. Some of these may well resonate with you.

1. Not smiling: If you forget to smile when someone first greets you, it can immediately create a barrier. Make sure that you smile at each person you’re introduced to.

2. Speaking too quickly or too slowly: If you’re one of those people who naturally talk very quickly, this can become worse in interviews. Make sure that you slow down your speech, otherwise people will lose what you’re saying or you may make them feel tired out. If you speak too slowly, just because you’re thinking you will lose the interviewer and they’ll find it difficult to concentrate. You have to

Who Are The Biggest Employers In Stockport?

14Stockport is one of the most populous boroughs in Greater Manchester with a population of 281,000. Jobs in Stockport are in popular demand, yet the employment rate is still higher than the national average at 75.5%. Also, 41,500 commuters come into Stockport each day from other areas, highlighting the great opportunities for employment in this area.

It is also interesting to note that Stockport has more registered businesses than any other Greater Manchester district, apart from Manchester. This is refreshing as it shows that business owners, despite the recession, are managing to stay afloat.

There are many business brands and names that call Stockport home, the towns close proximity to Manchester airport and general transport links make the area a prime location to base a business. Some of Stockport’s biggest employers include:

Adidas: This popular sports brand is still going strong, after many decades as an established name in sports. Sponsoring many sporting events, Adidas is a major employer in Stockport.

BT: This Telecoms provider is a major employer in Stockport, providing many jobs in call centres and

Pre- Employment Background Checks And Why They Are Important

13This article will help explain pre-employment background checks and why they are important. Do you really know the last person you or your company hired or is considering to hire? This is an article written by an expert in the security and investigations business for over 20 years. Background checks are extremely important in today’s world especially with a not so good economy.

Pre-employment background checks and why they are important.

1) Would you like to know if one of your employees has something they may be hiding from you? 2) Would you like to know if the last person hired in your organization can be trusted? 3) Would you like to know that the person driving your child’s school bus does not have three prior alcohol related violations on their driving record?

This is important information that a small business or a corporation should consider for every employee in their organization, new or old. It gives you important information about that person that may make you implement changes in company policies, safety procedures, or all around

Part Time Night Employment

12Part-Time Night Employment – How I found it

Many of us are seeking ways to supplement our income while holding down a full-time job and family obligations. Whether you are trying to pay off student loans, paying off debt or saving for retirement, part-time night employment has always seemed to be a solution for many who are trying to get out of a rut. So how easy is it to get this kind of work? Well, I tackle this question and reveal to you how I immediately found part-time night employment fast and how you can do the same!

Are you looking for part-time night employment? If so, I can tell you that you are definitely not alone. Today, Americans are working jobs at night that were traditionally worked during the regular workday hours of 9 to 5. Night shift work seems to be a solution for many who are trying to supplement their income, but there are a lot of problems and sacrifices that go along with it, especially for those of us with children and family responsibilities. Many

5 Mistakes to Avoid With Your Career Plan

Everyone is aware of a career plan and how it can help one to be successful once planned perfect. As said by Brian Tracy, an average person who has the average talent, ambition and education can succeed or surpass the most brilliant one in the society, if that person has strong clear focused goals.

Then why do people bark up the wrong tree in the case of a career plan? What essential do they not do to work out a career plan?

The first thing is that they set unrealistic goals. They never break down their distinct career goals into manageable bites. For instance, people set a greater target such like to read 100 books in two years. While the goal is quite viable, they never achieve it on a gradual basis. Instead, they try to accomplish them by reading all the books a week before the end of two years. People following this approach are likely to fail as their purpose is not fulfilled with their set target due to an adverse planning.

In this case, you could make the goal manageable by reading two books a month and measure them at the end, where you can make adjustments as you go

An Overview of Strategic Career Options Available to Patient Care Assistants

A patient care assistant is someone who is typically an unlicensed member of the medical team and can be tasked with a variety of responsibilities associated with maintaining a high level of safe and effective medical care. Because assistants work under the direct supervision of licensed personnel such as nurses and physicians, they can find work in just about every branch of the healthcare industry based on their level of knowledge, skill, and experience. Those who are just beginning their journey in the medical field and who lack formal education or experience generally need to start their career as a generalist before transitioning into a higher paying specialty department. Individuals who have a basic understanding of the career advancement options available to them tend to progress faster and experience higher levels of personal and professional satisfaction.

Some of the most popular entry-level employment options include positions such as that of nurse aide, medical assistant, dialysis technician, orderly, physical therapy assistant, and home health aide. Jobs like these typically have very low barriers to entry and will consider applicants who have only a high school diploma or equivalent and a handful of positive work references. While opportunities like these do not offer

Career Aptitude Test

Career Aptitude testing is the right approach towards one’s career selection. There are standardized Aptitude test battery available which can be used to assess an aptitude of a student for right guidance and appropriate direction.

Aptitude tests evaluate one’s ability to perform specific tasks.

An aptitude is the inborn capability and passion an individual might reflect for a particular field. Knowing one’s aptitude may be the key to understand what one’s perfect career is.

Once a child discovers his perfect fit, he/she will be able to work towards developing those skills necessary to become successful in the same.

Each student from class IX onwards should start preparing their career road map. This involves introspection, strength and weakness analysis, knowledge about different careers, their future prospects, getting more focused towards developing the required skills necessary for success, finding out about entrance exams, preparing for the same filling admission forms and applying to different colleges.

For identifying the right career option, interest test along with Aptitude test helps to have an added advantage to know one’s interest areas. Interest is the liking for a particular field and aptitude is the capability in that field. A student might have an interest for the game of cricket but might

What is career Counseling

Career Counseling:

Profession guiding is the procedure for that would aid you to know and comprehend yourself and that will help you to make your vocation and life. Profession advancement can be make you choose, what you require in the wake of getting your graduate.

Profession advancement is your live long one from when you were conceived. Such a variety of factors are there to control your vocation improvement additionally your wellbeing, capacity, values, identity, environment and circumstances. The point of vocation directing in Chennai is not just aid you to make the choice you need to make now, yet it provided for you the comprehension and aptitudes to make prospect profession and life choices.

Who all is having to done profession guiding?

While profession improvement is the live long process, work examination could be suitable for everybody, incorporate fresher’s, sophomores, lesser, senior furthermore graduate. The past you get launched settle on arranged choice about your life, always the best masterminded you would be. We recommend with expectation of all the fresher come in and counsel among vocation instructor.

The accompanying is a portion of the cases of concern to encourage understudies to vocation counsel:

Investigate vocation and key alternative:

I have no thought which one I

Global Recruitment Service and Job Openings

Orbis is an internationally recognised HR Consultancy which brings latest job openings for the new talent. We provide premium Global Recruitment Services to our client organisations and endow the best HR solutions. We work to bridge the distance between organisations and employees.

We provide HR Solutions and Staffing solutions for placement and recruitment on global level. We are a one stop destination for all jobs seekers. We bring talent from all over the world and match the skills and requirements with the current opening. We collaborate with various organisations and help you to reach out to new opportunities for changing your current job.

Often candidates and companies wonder about the significance of an HR recruitment company. The reasons are simple:

HR solutions and staffing solution services strengthen the back bone of your company with skilled and talented human resources. We have experienced and knowledgeable recruiters in our team, who scrutinize the candidates and trace the right person for the job opening. Orbis provides Global Recruitment services to help you achieve remarkable results in your company’s performance. Our expertise includes developing smart recruitment methods to enlist the right candidate for the required post. We relieve you of the stress involved in the recruitment process

Administrative Assistant Job Description

Administrative assistants often referred to as secretaries are responsible to provide essential clerical as well as administrative supports to higher officials. In fact, the expression ‘administrative assistant’ is, in essence, an official title, while the administrative assistant job description may vary depending on the nature of his type of work or department.

An administrative assistant may be associated with accounts, sales and marketing, IT or HR whereas their job duties remain relatively same but linked to that department only. For example, an administrative assistant of Human Resource department must not be concerned for processing vendor invoices for payment, which relates to accounts section job. In big companies, administrative assistants are very demanding since the entire forefront administrative operation is done by these professionals.

Administrative Assistant Job Description

  • Maintaining essential workflow; implementing cost reduction measures and developing report procedures; creating and revising existing systems and bringing innovative and more methodical procedures; arranging workforce training;
  • Scheduling of meeting, venue, preparation of agenda as instructed by department head; making minutes of meeting; talking to travel agents for booking of tickets by air/train or hotel for managers and higher management;
  • Sending faxes; preparing and distribution of payroll for the office staff; offering comprehensive and all-purpose office support; collaborating between

Job Fair an Opportunity for Job Seekers

Every individual desires to do a job after completion of their education. Many companies are expanding their business in global markets. Several MNC’s are setting up their business units in India. In present scenario companies are very cautious about their workforce. They are following rigorous process to select candidates. The problem of un-employability is more these days. People are not getting jobs as per their requirements easily. Job fair is one of the places where job seekers can search for suitable jobs.

Numbers of companies participate in fairs to search right candidates for their organization. Similarly, large numbers of candidates visit job fairs in hunt of suitable jobs. Plenty of options are available for both employer and candidates in these fairs. Companies from different sectors participate in job fairs. Seeker get knowledge about recent market trends, career opportunities available in market. Jobs of different fields like administrative, marketing, finance, banking, etc are available in fairs. Many candidates approach the companies in jobs fairs. Employers shortlist these applications and choose the suitable one. Job fairs are more beneficial for job seekers as they can apply for several jobs at time. High qualified and experienced candidates can grab the job opportunities easily. Companies

How to Handle a Telephonic Interview

Getting a job is not that tough though, but the process makes it tougher. Any person who starts applying for a job , he/she has to go through the standard procedure of the recruitment. Many companies include group discussion, written and interview, while some considers a telephonic round first and then they proceed for next round. Nowadays in this fast world, companies are trying to have main discussion or interview over phone. In this way, the organization saves its time and get the job done very easily. The eligible candidates also dont need to visit the office for interview if they have a telephonic round. Telephonic round can be done anywhere. Many feels it difficult to handle and for someone its like a cup of a tea. So we will be discussing some key points to handle these telephonic interviews.

Tips for handling telephonic interview

  1. Find a good phone:This is the important point as you will be needing a very good hearing device to have the conversation. So its better to find a good phone which has great hearing and speaking power. Atleast you should be able to understand what the party is asking and you have to make sure that other

Make Your Job Safe Following The Employment Contract

Getting a job is something to celebrate. When a person gets a job, he becomes extremely happy and thereby makes all his family members joyful and jovial. As soon as the person gets the job, he gets himself entangled into a contract. Employment contract is a contract or a clause between the employer and the employee. The employee needs to fulfill certain terms and conditions to maintain the job.

These types of contracts or clauses are some basic business documents of UK, which you need to sign throughout your working life. They are usually written purposely in a confusing manner, and it becomes difficult for you to understand each and every point that you are signing up for.

Therefore, you should take enough time to read every contract minutely, and special attention must be paid to the clauses so that you can understand them very well. In these terms and conditions, employers might put unreasonable issues, so you should know what each clause means. Some of the important employment contract clauses are mentioned below for the employees to execute and the employers might include these points in the UK business documents.

Some employment contract clauses include- Alterations in personal information and some situations

Real Value Of Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

The recruitment process for any kind of organization is not an easy task anymore. It has now become more strategic and complex with the advancement taking place in technology and digital space. Businesses are spending heavily on hiring resources so that they get good talent to meet the expectations of their routine work processes. This has made recruitment process outsourcing grow rapidly to serve the recruitment needs of businesses of varying sizes.

Why recruitment process outsourcing services are growing so rapidly?

Recruitment process outsourcing is gaining momentum day by day as they help businesses have a competitive edge in their target market. They keep on using new tools and technologies to meet the ever emerging needs of their clients. They provide strategic service, data and technology rather than just proving a traditional service of hiring resources. They allow businesses to bifurcate their recruiting abilities without bearing the additional cost of adding a large internal recruitment team. As a progressive business if you choose their permanent staffing services, you can be rest assured that all your demands would be met. You would end up hiring employees who will understand your business objectives and would be a part of your long term business goals.


How to Successfully Interview With Small Businesses

Interviewing with a small business is a different ballgame than interviewing with a large company. The people whom you interview with have different concerns and motivators than, let’s say a HR representative who works for a large company with multiple divisions. While both are honest livings, they deserve a different approach from the people who wish to be successful in their interviews with small businesses.

Understanding the Owners of the Company:

To give you an idea as to the stress that business owners are under, my operating and living costs total roughly $1,000 a day. I have no guaranteed paycheck. This is the just the tip of the iceberg that is the stress that any small business executive deals with.

Background Flexibility

When it comes to recruiting, small business owners typically want the job over and done with. Since they have so much on their mind and on their plate, small business owners are usually willing to be more flexible on your background if you are reliable, outgoing and perceive to truly care about their company. Also, small business owners typically do not have the budget, time nor patience to recruit the position you’re going for again. Therefore, think “longevity” when answering questions.


While all

Interview Questions You Can Answer Better

  1. Tell me about your most effective venture at your last job / university.

Most people looking for work see this concern as a opportunity to show their own individual skills and as a way to talk just a little. Whether you improved revenue by ten % or led a effective fundraising events job, possibilities are you just didn’t do it all alone, and your interview panel member knows that. Rather than concentrating on yourself when you answer this concern, explain being aspect of a group and how you proved helpful with others to make a effective result on the venture. Hiring managers are considering knowing how you operate as aspect of a group atmosphere and how you operate with others, and this concern is an excellent way for you to let them know that you comprehend the value of working together and are extremely pleased of your capability to be a group gamer. Like other interview questions, you should be sure to put out some reliable details about yourself as you answer, but keep in mind post how utilizing others created the venture effective.

  1. Why did you depart your last position?

It might be apparent that this is one of

Some Important Study Skills For Exam Success

The best way to get high marks in an exam is to consider the complete length of your course as a pre exam. It is fact that students may find it very difficult to make the connection between your daily network, your final exam and periodic assignments. Things that are listed below can really help you to keep pace throughout the complete year. These things will ensure exam success along with good marks.

First, you need to set your goal. You need to read the course summary to understand what the course will cover and how it will score. You need to recognize your goal in concrete terms and work very hard to achieve this.

Second, most important thing is proper management of time. Time management skills can help you in talking control of your study workload. By managing the proper time, you can achieve more along with less stress. There are many ways through, which you can manage your time. You need to have a proper diary or study planner. First, you need to find out assignment due dates mark them in your study planner in advance. You need to focus on getting maximum marks as much as possible. Make sure

Employment Benefits With Accent Staffing

You must constantly be hearing that employment is scarce today, only jobs are available. It is very difficult to find permanent jobs since the industry is ever evolving due to constant developments in technology which is influencing varied sectors, therefore the skills, expertise is not uniform and so the employment. However, sharing all this does not mean to disappoint you, rather opening various avenues to you, without keeping in darkness.

Nevertheless, Accent Staffing is truly dedicated Temporary Employment Companies Ohio which offers excellent resource requirements, followed by comprehensive customer service for both the commercial and government sector. This staffing company always strives to meet the ever growing needs by recruiting the excellent staff for the required positions such that talent does justice to the work, by adding value to the system rather being just part of it.

This full staffing service provider understands the importance of research and planning in recruiting people for Temporary Employment Companies Ohio. These companies hire only qualified workforce to overcome the challenges in handling personnel management. Accent Company specializes in providing reliable, sharp, high-caliber staff which has verifiable skills and rich experience to meet diverse employment needs. The services offer direct placement, temporary placement, temp-to-hire, contract and